Unlimited Storage for Your Audio Recordings

Upload Unlimited Audio Recordings

You can upload as many recordings as you want to your private stash.
Never worry about quotas anymore.

Share Recordings

Stash members will have instant access to your recordings.


All members of your stash will be notified about new recordings.

Multiple Audio Formats

You can upload most common audio formats, for example mp3 or wave.

Listen everywhere

All recordings are converted to mp3 to enable playback on desktop and mobile devices. Your orginal files are of course always accessible.

Waveform playback

You can control the audio playback using the waveform of the recordings.

Pay What You Want

Riffstash will be free.
After the beta you can subscribe to our pay what you want plan.

Who is it for?

Musicians & Songwriters
Upload your practicing exercises or backing tracks. Got ideas for riffs, melodies, grooves? Upload them.
Record whole songs, parts and cool riffs. Improve your songs by listening and working on the details.
DJs & Producers
Use Riffstash to save your mixes and creations and to share them with other people.
How do you use Riffstash?
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In favor of other projects we decided to (temporarily) discontinue Riffstash.
A big thank you goes to all of our users for their support and great feedback.
Thank You! Keep on Rockin!


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