Focus on your music

The best way to share and manage song recordings.

Current tools are not made for bands

Uploading files to dropbox or ftp. Sending a Whatsapp group message. Hoping everyone finds the new files. It's just annoying and error prone.

No notifications, no comments and limited audio playback

Software like Dropbox or Box are multi puropose tools and are not designed for bands. You don't get the right notifications, can't comment on files or need multiple tools to get things done. Ever tried to play your wav files on train?

Ineffective rehearsals and lost ideas

If it's hard to find or play the latest recordings no one will do it. This leads to ineffective rehearsals, lost ideas and a bad band vibe.

Annoying and repetitive tasks

Forgott to convert your files to mp3? Didn't send the whatsapp reminder? No one finds the latest recordings in your folders? You should focus on music and not on file management.

Meet Riffstash - The only plattform you need

Riffstash combines everything in one plattform: Share song and idea recordings, add comment files and add tasks to songs.

Unlimited Audio Storage

We automatically convert your recordings to playable mp3 files. That means no more converting and copying. Just listen to your recordings in your browser.

Comments and Notifications

Comment recordings and get notifications about changes and updates in your bands stash. Never miss new uploads and get everyone on the same page.

Track Open Tasks

Track open tasks per song directly in Riffstash with a shared to do list. Support your creative process by tracking unfinished songs parts or manage the recording process for your songs.

Get early access for free.

Get early access. No credit card required. We love to hear your ideas and feedback 🤘
After the alpha phase Riffstash will be available for a monthly fee of 14,99 € per Stash.